Attorney Fees

In General my fees are calculated according to the the German lawyers compensation act (RVG). For more information please view here.

In Section 2 RVG regulates the amount of remuneration:

"(1) Fees shall be calculated according to the value of the subject of the attorney’s professional activity (value of the claim) unless this Law specifies otherwise.

(2) The amount of the remuneration shall be determined by the Remuneration Schedule in annex 1 of this Law. Fees shall be rounded up or down to the nearest cent. 0.5 cents shall be rounded up."

But some areas of attorney's work are not regulated in RVG, e.g. such as draft and review of agreements. In these cases I will agree on specific fees reflecting to my assistance.

For these cases RVG has regulated in Section 3a the remuneration agreement:

"(1) An agreement on remuneration must be made in writing. It must be designated as a remuneration agreement or in a comparable way, be clearly separate from other agreements, with the exception of awards of mandate, and may not be included in a power of attorney. It shall contain an indication to the effect that the opposing party, a participant in the proceedings, or, in such case as the costs are reimbursed, the public treasury, need not as a rule reimburse more than the statutory remuneration. The first and second sentences above shall not apply to a fee agreement under section 34.

(2) If, taking into account all the circumstances, the agreed remuneration, the remuneration assessed by the Board of the Chamber of Lawyers pursuant to section 4 (3), first sentence, or the quota litis agreed pursuant to section 4a is inappropriately high, it can be reduced to the appropriate amount in legal action, to the amount of statutory remuneration. Before such reduction, the court shall obtain an expert report from the Board of the Chamber of Lawyers; the aforesaid shall not apply if the Board of the Chamber of Lawyers assessed the remuneration under section 4 (3), first sentence. The expert report shall be made free of charge.

(3) Any agreement according to which an attorney assigned as counsel using assistance with court costs (Prozesskostenhilfe) is to receive higher remuneration than the statutory remuneration for the work involved in such assignment shall be null and void. The civil law provisions on unjust enrichment shall remain unaffected."

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